BlackBerry DTEK50: Hit or miss?

Once a status symbol now trying so hard to get back into the game. There was a time when I used to flaunt my BB 8520 but that was back in 2009 now the tables have turned. After huge disappointment from BBOS 10, company tried to save itself by switching to Android.

BlackBerry Priv was a decent phone but couldn’t match the flagship standard and I just answered why it wasn’t a hit. But, the game for BB isn’t over yet. Blackberry is now targetting mid range smartphones by DTEK50.
Unlike Priv or Passport this phone isn’t going to make a hole in your pocket as it is a mid range phone but I still feel it wont be a great hit either. You want to know why ? Here are 5 reasons why BB DTEK50 won’t be your next smartphone

1. No fingerprint scanner

And they said this was the most secure smartphone in the world. We left the habit of drawing patterns and entering passcodes anymore. Almost every phone is now equipped with a fingerprint scanner thanks to iPhone 5s which led to this small revolution.

2. Design

Just take a look at this phone.boom-key-side-on.jpg

Now take a look at BlackBerry DTEK50

Enough said.

3. Battery

2610mAh battery in “world’s most secure smartphone”. One suggestion BB just try playing Pokemon Go on DTEK50, then you can understand our pain and maybe will not commit this kind of mistake again.

4. Camera

13mp+8mp sounds cool on paper but shows its true nature in real world and low light conditions.
Camera app does not provide any exciting shooting options other than defaults. The pictures are very noisy and it record in just Full HD mode.

5. Competition

$300 is the price. I will seriously go for Mi 5, oneplus 3 or an iPhone SE (because I like small phones).

Still want to but that phone? Fine here are 5 reasons why you should buy it.

1. Security

I still hesitate while entering my debit card details on my phone because I don’t want a cyber thief to have my pizza money. But I guess I won’t hesitate on this phone.

2. It’s BlackBerry

No matter what at the end it is BB. Just like any other premium brand, BlackBerry is known best for its quality and customer satisfaction.

3. Software

The experience can be best explained as Blackdroid. It has stock Android experience with flavor of BB thanks to BBM, Productivity tab, BBHub, BBKeyboard, etc.

4. Expandable memory.

256GB expandable storage isn’t what we always get served with.

5. Notification LED

Because it looks cool.


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