Do we need a 3.5mm audio jack?


This my friends will be history soon for Apple as it is confirmed in numerous leaks that the iPhone 7/7 plus will be eliminating the audio jack. But ahead Apple Moto did it before Apple with their Moto Z. Yes they eliminated headphone jack and it is only having a USB type-C port. But the question is do we need the elimination or we need a better option?

Lightning Cable

Why it is better to eliminate?

The reason is simple i.e BETTER SOUND QUALITY  because in traditional headphones we need extra power supply for noise cancellation but not in the case of USB type-C/Lightning connector audio jacks and also few other improvements also like extra base, crispier sound depending on the manufacturer.

USB type-C

It also means smart headphones by smart it means it wont be used only for listening music. Everything is getting smart nowadays then why not headphones? and before you start commenting about various smart headphones I want to tell you that yes there are many smart headphones available but mostly are wireless and as it is wireless they need to be charged but not in the case of the new headphones because they are plug and play device that does not need any charge required. Talking about smart features it can be anything for example it can record steps/distance covered, it can change the way you interact with music for example it will pause the music as soon as your remove your headset from your ear.

Why it is better to stick with original ones?

Convenience is the answer. To be honest I am not ready for it. What if I encounter a situation where I wanna charge my phone and also listen to music? Wireless charging is one of the option but you need to keep that phone on the charging plate for that and it is not at all convenient.

3.5 mm audio jack


This change will be welcomed by many but will be rejected my same amount of people. It can be change like we had with charging port of micro USB which we still use in majority of smartphones (android) same with 30 pin charging port to lightning port (iPhone)

What do you think about this change? Let me know in the comments section below and follow for new updates and discussions in tech world.


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