Gadget review: Asus A555LF

A nice design decent specs and few other features makes this laptop just like a normal “Everyday use” laptop but what makes this laptop an exception is the price segment.

So without further a do let’s analyze this laptop.


5th gen 2.1 Ghz Ci3 processor coupled with 4 GB of ram is enough for normal everyday usage like Emails,blogging,YouTubing,Facebooking and Gaming.It comes with a 2 GB of NVIDIA 930M graphics which is capable of handling games nicely.

I played couple of games on this laptop like Call Of Duty:AW,Call Of Duty:Ghosts,Need For Speed:Rivals,Assassin’s creed Black Flag and Need For Speed:Most Wanted (2012). All games were played on medium to high settings.

Gameplay was smooth but I noticed few lags and some minor frame drops but if you are like me and play games for time pass then you are very likely to ignore it.


First and for most the battery life. It sucks! Charging up the battery to 100% will let you use this laptop for maximum 2 hours if you are doing some heavy usage like playing games.

The battery is inbuilt which is a quite odd choice of design and speaking of design the built quality of this laptop feels cheep. It is mostly made of plastic but the keyboard and and trackpad region is an exception as it made up of some kind of alloy and keys are again plastic.

Then comes the display, the resolution is 1366×768, viewing angles are really bad and sometimes I keep on adjusting the position of screen just to get the perfect angle to view and due to this I mostly attach it to my TV through HDMI while playing games or watching movies.

I will not even talk about the camera because you will need an external webcam even for normal video calls.


This can be a first laptop for many people as it is inexpensive and performs very well. But, due to bad battery life and cheap built quality this laptop can let down consumers and Asus fans.

If battery life is not a problem and you are okay with average looking display then you can go for this laptop without a second thought.



(During this review I used Asus A555LF-XX257D. There are many models available under the model number A555LF. These models differ either in processor,RAM,HDD,OS or all of these.

Also just let me know in the comment section if you liked the review and want more of it.)


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