Tips to make your Android UI a conversation starter.

Conversation is a way of interacting and building a relationship between two people, and topics which start a conversation are known as conversation starters.

These conversation starters are basically due to something new or unique on which two or more people can talk on (informally). So today we will tell you how to make your Android’s UI look unique which can cause a conversation to start.

Make it look clean yet elegant.

When is comes to customizations there are tons of launchers which we can choose from which are good and adds functionality as well but these added functionalities can eat up your RAM and make your phone work slow (if not slow then definitely sluggish). Also, too many widgets and home pages can make your phone look messy and to be honest it’s not convenient as well.

This is my home screen:

Launcher I am using is Evie launcher, the wallpaper in the background is a live wallpaper, you can get this and many others here but if your phone’s battery is not powerful then you can get the alternate application here ( must download app). For that “tenTHIRTYfour” clock I used Minimalistic Text and for the labeling of “Games” and  “Social”, I used Simple Text Widget.


Games help us to pass time when we are bored or free or even help us to fail in our exams miserably as well ( yes I am a victim). But they can also help us to start a conversation as well.

Few simple but amazing games like Doodle Army 2, 8 Ball pool, Tunnel Rush are some of the examples.

Ambient Display

This feature is the most elegant and stylish feature since Nokia Lumia days and the good thing about Android is that we can have that amazing feature on any Android device (AMOLED or not).

With the help of Always On AMOLED application. It is having a couple of different watch faces which we are customizable by you, to save battery we can allow it to switch off the screen whenever we put our phone in our pockets, we can add gestures and many more features. This application is one of the apps which I use permanently and it is a must download as well.

Selfie App

Selfie became a never ending trend everywhere and I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon. This encouraged developers to create different camera applications which were fully focused on selfies only. Some applications apply makeup in real-time and you can tweak it according to your settings but is the output any good? I say NO because at the end what we get is a really fake looking editing which is NO good.

So for Selfie application use apps like Retrica or Candy Cam(if you do not use beautification feature).


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